Q50 SMS Codes , Q50 Smart Watch , Q50 SMS Commands , Setracker Device Offline , Q50 Q60 Q90

Q50 Smart Watch , SMS Commands , Setracker  Device Offline , Q50 Q60 Q90
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IMPORTANT NOTE: In the examples, Q50 smart watch default password, 123456. If the command does not work, try these passwords: 523681 and 54321 and 654321.
Example 1 : pw,123456,ts#          ( or ) :pw, 523681,ts#                   ( or ) : pw, 654321,ts#
 Example 2: pw,123456,reset#     ( or ) : pw, 523681,reset#             ( or ) : pw, 654321,reset#

First, in this way. Q50 smart watch sms answer should answer within one minute. You should try different passwords. If these passwords are invalid, contact the seller. Learn the default password.


1- Learning general situation and information : pw,123456,ts#

2- For mobile phone applications, change the server (Setracker): pw,123456,ıp,,8001#
Asia & Oceania:
North America –
South America –
Europe –
Find my kids application server:  pw,123456,ip,tcp.findmykids.org,8001# )
LiveGPStracks.com:  pw,123456,ip,,3359#

3- Change APN: pw,123456,apn,internet,,,28601#
(this turkey. different in each country, oparator number: 28601)

4- Remote shutdown: pw,123456,poweroff#

5- Restart : pw,123456,reset#

6- Reset the time to factory settings : pw,123456,factory#

7- Find by music : pw,123456,find#

8- Connect to the right online time servers: pw,123456,timecali#

9- To set the clock manually: pw, 123456,time,22.46.40,date,2018.09.22#
Example: Clock:22 Minute:46 Second: 40 and  Year:2018  Month: 09 Day:22   Look out! point (.) between.

10- To set Language and Time automatically: pw,123456,lz,0,3#  
Set language and time zone Example:
Where( 0 = English language),  (3 = GMT+3)

11- Assign an administrator number: pw,123456,center,phone number#
Example: pw,123456,center,05215457847#

12- Assign a second administrator number: pw,123456,slave,phone number#
Example: pw,123456,slave,05215457850#

13- Delete administrator's number : pw,123456,center,d#

14- Delete the sec administrator's number : pw,123456,slave,d#

15- Change IMEI: pw,123456,imei,new imei number#
Example: pw,123456,imei,3124568755221452#
Watch out!: When imei changes the Setracker application will now be offline continuously. Because, at the same time, the device ID number will also change.

16- Change password (password is 123456) : pw,new password#
Example: pw,654321#  
Note: Only the administrator can

17- When the SOS button is pressed, it sends the location coordinates via SMS. Activate :

18- When the SOS button is pressed, it sends the location coordinates via SMS. Deactivate:

19- Selecting the numbers to be called when the SOS button is pressed:
pw,123456,sos1,phone number#
pw,123456,sos2,phone number
pw,123456,sos3,phone number#
(Note: maximum 3 numbers) Example: pw,123456,sos1,05215457850#

20- Delete the numbers to be called when the SOS button is pressed:

21- When the power button is pressed, Setracker voicemail send. Activate : pw,123456,tkonoff,1#

22- When the power button is pressed, Setracker voicemail send. Deactivate : pw,123456,tkonoff,0#

23- Phonebook to activate : pw,123456,phbonoff,1#
(Note : 1. Phonebook 5 Number + 2. Phonebook 5 Number. Total 1 and 2, maximum ten phone numbers

24: Phonebook to Deactivate :  pw,123456,phbonoff,0#

25- Save to phone number, 1.phonebook:
pw,123456,phb,phone number,name,phone number,name,phone number,name#
(Note:  1.phonebook maximum 5 phone numbers)

26-- Save to phone number, 2.phonebook:
pw,123456,phb2,phone number,name,phone number,name,phone number,name#
(Note: 2.phonebook maximum 5 phone numbers)

27- Completely delete numbers 1.phonebook: pw,123456,phb#

28- Completely delete numbers 2.phonebook: pw,123456,phb2#

29- Delete some numbers 1.phonebook:
 pw,123456,phb,phone number,name, phone number,name,,,,, phone number,name#
In this example: Delete, 3 and 4 numbers

30- Delete some numbers 2.phonebook:
 pw,123456,phb2,phone number,name,,,,,,,phone number,name #
In this example: Delete, 2 and 3 and 4 numbers

31- Add white list 1 number (maximum +5):
pw,123456,whitelist1,phone number,phone number, phone number, phone number#
(Note: No names. It's just a phone number maximum 5)

32- Add white list 2 number (maximum +5):
pw,123456,whitelist2,phone number,phone number, phone number, phone number#
(Note: No names. It's just a phone number maximum 5)

33- Delete whitelist 1 numbers : pw,123456,whitelist1#

34- Delete whitelist 2 numbers : pw,123456,whitelist2#

35-- Delete some whitelist numbers :
pw,123456,whitelist1,phone number,,,phone number,phone number#
In this example: Delete, 2 and 3 numbers

36- Send an award : pw,123456, flower,3#
In this example: send an award three hearts.

37- Answering incoming calls automatically. Activate : pw,123456,gsmant,1#

38- Answering incoming calls automatically. Deactivate : pw,123456,gsmant,0#

39- Adjust the thickness of digital symbols on the screen :
Slim : pw,123456,bigtime,0#
thick : pw, 123456,bigtime,1#

40- Remote,a phone call make : pw,123456,call,phone number#

41- Remote,a phone sms make : pw,123456,sms,phone number,write text#
Example:pw,123456,sms,04325552291,Hello how are you#

42- Remote,a phone call make and Wiretapping: pw,123456,monitor,phone number#

43- Pedometre. Activate: pw,123456,pedo,1#

44- Pedometre. Deactivate : pw,123456,pedo,0#

45- Bluetooth. Activate : pw,123456,bt,1# 

46- Bluetooth Deactivate : pw,123456,bt,0#

48-Phone application server (SetRacker Etc.) determine data load intervals:
In this example:  At intervals of 300 seconds

49-Update coordinate information : pw,123456,cr#

50-Command smart Watch. Send an SMS by reply.  Deactivate: pw,123456,smsonoff,0#

51-Command smart Watch. Send an SMS by reply.  Activate: pw,123456,smsonoff,1#

52- For bluetooth Friend function.  Activate : pw,123456,makefriend,1#

53-For bluetooth Friend function. Deactivate : pw,123456,makefriend,0#

54-Turn on the AGPS feature   Activate :  pw,123456,agps,1#

55- Turn on the AGPS feature   Deactivate :  pw,123456,agps,0#

56- Get coordinate information with SMS. : pw,123456,url #

57- Set dial numbers for buttons 1 and 2:
pw,123456,tel1,phone number#  and pw,123456,tel2,phone number#

58- Delete numbers from buttons 1 and 2:
pw,123456,tel1#   and  pw,123456,tel2#

BONUS: manual closing Q50 smart watch : Press SOS button 5 times, after, press button 1 and 2

Use good days.